It is usually considered by people that a first world country is safer than any third world country. And there are now two views about it. The good and prosperous economy of a country helps it to make their safety regulations stricter. However, the poverty in third world nations creates reasons for committing crimes. Dubai is one of the safest cities not just in the UAE but across the world. Many of us still want to know why Dubai is safe. The answer would be simple and concise for sure. Here are the main reasons to know about the answer to the question. 

Law and Order with Mandatory-to-Follow Strict Regulations 

Yes, the government of Dubai remains highly concerned about working 24/7 and 365 days to tackle the law and order situations well. The higher authorities have also set stricter rules to follow. Every citizen and tourists are required to follow the created laws without raising any objection. 

Apart from protecting the city from physical crimes, the top authorities are also concerned about dealing with the cyber crimes too. Many required measures are addressed on a regular basis to ensure safety both online and offline.

This really sounds great that such a small and not so populous city has strict laws to warn people about the consequences of committing any crime. Anyone who’s caught by engaging in any illegal or unlawful act gets serious punishment. So, you have to live with peace of mind by considering Dubai a safest place on Earth to visit and live. 

Highly Responsible Police Force 

The city is kept protected due to the stronger police force. With the 17,500 members, this sector is living up to the expectations of residents. Each policeman is performing their duty with full dedication. Their ample focus is on preventing the populous areas of the city from any criminal attack. The major picnic and outing spots remain crowded almost throughout the year. Therefore, the Dubai police is trained to be prepared to deal with any kind of tough criminal activity (if it happens). 

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